Grounding: The Techniques with the Five Senses

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The term “grounding” is used in relation to the energy fields that are all around us. Being grounded entails being happy with oneself. We are confident in our own abilities and the choices we make. In order to become grounded, one must release excess energy from the body and make room for pure energy to enter. By grounding ourselves, we can calm or slow down our emotions and improve our connection to both our internal and external environments. When we feel nervous or out of balance, grounding our energies might be beneficial. Being grounded also means that we’re more mindful with respect to our environment.

If you find the idea of becoming grounded and focused intriguing, start by grounding yourself.

This method of grounding aids in shifting your attention to something else, preferably something more pleasant or neutral.

The five senses can help you stay rooted and stay in the present. Some examples can include:

  • Sight:

    • Name and count all the pieces of furniture around you.
    • Count all the white objects around you.
    • Read a book, a magazine, or an online article.
    • Watch your favorite movie or TV show.
  • Sounds:

    • Play your favorite song and sing to it.
    • Call a loved one and catch up.
    • Talk out loud about what you see and hear around you.
  • Smell:

    • Light a scented candle.
    • Smell some fresh fruits.
    • Open a chocolate bar and smell it.
  • Taste:

    • Get a gum, mint, or small candy and notice how it feels and tastes.
    • Get a piece of chocolate and let it melt. Notice how it feels and tastes.
    • Bite into a lemon or lime.
  • Touch:

    • Pop some bubble wrap.
    • Put your hands into hot or cold water or get an ice cube between your fingers.
    • Cuddle your pet.
    • Take a hot or cool shower.

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