Ultimate You by Sharon Pearson



When you know you can’t ignore the whisper inside that says… It’s your time…

Your Awesome Life lies on the other side of uncertainty. Of fear. Of people-pleasing. Of procrastination. Of self-doubt.

In this powerful book you will discover the cause of what has held you back for too long… and how to claim the life you deserve. You hold in your hands your personal guide to discover how to create a life you cherish.

Ultimate You is the culmination of 16 years of coaching people from all walks of life to heal what hurts and embrace true fulfillment.

This is your invitation to stop living life on the surface, and start living life deep. To embrace your emotional wellbeing. To step into Your Awesome Life

‘If you’re ready to enter a journey of self-awareness and discovery that will positively transform your life, make sure you absorb each page in this book.’ ― John Assaraf, New York Times Bestselling Author

‘This book will entrance, delight, intrigue, astonish, and empower you beyond measure…be ready to fall in love with you.’ ― Joe Pane, Master Coach and Human Behavior Expert

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