The Importance of Living in the Present

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We have so little peace and contentment in our lives in recent times because we are constantly occupied mentally in thinking about the troubles of our past and the uncertainties of our future. 

The past doesn’t anymore matter!

Sure, your past has an impact on where you are now, but you can’t live there. It’s over with the mistakes you’ve made and the individuals who have wronged you. We can get caught in the past if we can’t let go of people or feelings. We go through each day with regrets or wondering “what ifs,” imagining how our lives would be different if we could change things that have already occurred. But what if you lose out on something exciting because you can’t let go of the past?

The future is also unimportant. You can fantasize about it, work towards it, but you won’t be able to live in it. We get so wrapped up in wanting to build our ideal existence that we believe we can control our present in order to achieve our ideal future. We neglect to appreciate what life has to offer in the present because we are too concerned with how it may affect us later. But what if you don’t notice something great that life has placed right in front of you?

The most important thing in your life is right now. What you’re doing right now, who you’re with, how you act, why you’re laughing or crying? It’s all important. Because you’re in the current moment. How you felt months ago or how you might feel in the next few years will have no bearing on how you feel right now. Only your actions in the moment will have an impact. But we often forget to live in the moment, and we miss out on many of the wonderful things that are currently happening in our lives.

We forget what it is to live in the moment because we believe that who we are, how we feel, and what happens to us is determined by our past and future. However, living in the moment is the source of all of these benefits.

Who you’re with now, not who you’ve lost or who you could find later, should be the focus of your life. Enjoy the friends and relationships you have today, and forget about the ones you had in the past or might have in the future. Life should be about what you’re doing right now, not about past mistakes or worrying about things that haven’t yet arrived. Despite having past reasons to be sad or being afraid of what the future holds, life should be about feeling blissfully pleased. Life should be about appreciating everything and everyone who comes into your life simply because you are alive.

Living in the moment should be the goal of life!


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