The Wonders Of Being Present To Your Child

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While there are numerous parenting books available, there is no ultimate guide because every newborn and child is different, and every parent has their own baggage from upbringing and heredity.

The concept of “presence” refers to being aware and focused on the present moment rather than looking ahead to the future or diverting your attention away from it with other thoughts or activities. Being physically present with our children is a wonderful method to address their emotional needs.

Opening our arms to our children, either to encourage them to explore or to welcome them back, can help us imagine being there with them. Children require both, and they learn to be self-sufficient by first understanding that you will always be there for them. We tend to encourage independence in our culture, but that independence requires a secure foundation in you.


Here are some suggestions for being totally present with your kids:

1. Put down what you’re doing and listen to your kid (truly listen!). (In the same way that you would want a spouse or friend to listen to you.)
2. Begin each day with a prayer or blessing and a hug when you see them (or when you send them off to school).
3. Discuss anything that your child is passionate about.
4. Simply observe them for a while and marvel at their singularity.
5. Tell a funny anecdote about your child when he or she was a baby or a preschooler.
6. As you welcome them each day, develop a connection habit – power hugs, fist bumps, making a smoothie together, wrestling, playing catch or dolls… you get the picture.
7. If you homeschool, tailor your lessons to their specific interests: spend time outside, chase frogs, or even conduct your work in a large fort tent with them.
8. Enjoy your children.

We don’t merely mean physically present when we say present. It is our “duty” to coordinate timetables, conduct lessons, prepare meals, provide rides, and negotiate automobile use. It takes more than sharing oxygen to be present. Sharing hearts via full connection with your child is the essence of presence. When a parent is fully present with their child, she knows she is valued, appreciated, and heard.

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