Start believing in yourself!

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When you start believing in yourself your life can really change.  Stop putting yourself down and if you refuse to listen to those inner doubts and try even when you know you possibly might fail, you give yourself the chance to fulfil your full potential!

Believing in yourself!

Beating yourself up with negative thoughts and feelings can get in the way of reaching your goals. It’s called self-sabotage.

There are lots of ways you might be doing it. You might start to overthink or put off doing things. You plan to act, but get lost when you have to make a decision and drag your heels. You may turn down trying something new even though deep down you think it could be fun.

The reason for self-sabotage is fear. One of our natural survival instincts. Our Mindfulness & Meditation has a great exercise for you to do to help get rid of your self-sabotage.

Many people have a fear of failure and by staying in your comfort zone and not putting yourself out into vulnerable situations, you can’t fail. However, failure is an important part of life and if you don’t try, you will never be able to succeed and fulfil your dreams.

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