The Road To Mindfulness and Meditation

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Rushing to meet a deadline, taking a quick meal from a fast-food lane because you have no more time to cook a decent meal, getting home later because a meeting ended late, taking two or three jobs to earn extra for numerous bills to be paid, less time for family bonding, responding to numerous emails and messages…

What a life!!!

Are you still existing? Is this how you want to live your life? 

Human existence is getting faster and becoming very complicated as the result of the rapid and continuing technological advances in the modern world. As technologies become more accessible to all people around the world, these changed how we conduct our economic, political, social, and cultural lives. Work, for example, is being conducted in more than one shift, encouraging people to take multiple jobs including night shifts or graveyards, disrupting even the regular family affairs. With the heavy requirements of modern living and in order to keep up with it, we pressure ourselves to strive harder to reach the top.  All these are making our lives stressful, forgetting ourselves, our well-being in the process. The result is deteriorating health conditions due to rush and unhealthy lifestyles.  In the hustle-bustle of modern living, shall we allow our well-being to continue to deteriorate?

This should not continue, if I may say.  We can go on doing our things but we also must take care of ourselves. One way to achieve this is through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. How do mindfulness and meditation work for you?

Being mindful is fully attending to what is happening, to what you are doing, and to the space where you are moving through. It is a state of being fully present, of where we are, of what we are doing, and in control of how we react to the things that are going on around us.

Can we be mindful? Any human being can be mindful, we possess it inside us but because we became disoriented as a result of our stressful existence, it drifted away from us. But we can call it back by taking time to just sit and breathe… inhale-exhale… “Breath is the key”.  When we stop and take some inhaling and exhaling, focusing on our breathing, then we are practicing meditation.

What is meditation? Meditation is a practice of being mindful. It is training the mind to stay in attention and to achieve calmness, clarity, and stability. If you are anxious, angry, or in a confusing situation, just take a deep breath then exhale slowly, do it repeatedly until a relaxed state is achieved. You can do meditation anywhere you are, you can take it for a few minutes for the first time and gradually, make it longer.

Meditation enhances physical, emotional, and mental well-being. And it is free.. Make meditation a habit and it will transform you into a better person even in the midst of confusion or anger or any negative situation.

What are you waiting for!!! Join me, take your space, seat in your most comfortable position, close your eyes and let us take the inhale, hold for four counts, exhale slowly….


live, the way we work.

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